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Dental bridges are used to replace missing or damaged teeth and are a good option to restore a confident smile. A dental bridge can help restore the bite of a patient who has missing teeth, while also ensuring that the remaining teeth do not shift out of place.

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

When you have a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth can easily shift out of place and your remaining teeth can become misaligned. Dental bridges offer a functional purpose. and also fill the gap to maintain your smile. They also help to combat speech and pronunciation problems that can come about as a result of missing teeth.

How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

While there are several types of bridges to choose from, the traditional bridge is the most common type in use. A traditional bridge consists of two crowns that are attached to the adjacent teeth. These crowns hold the fake tooth in place. Other types of bridges include the cantilever bridge and the Maryland bridge, which is used for the front teeth.

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