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Dental appliances are custom-fitted orthodontic and dental devices that are designed to improve the functioning of your teeth and provide protection from injury. Removable dental appliances that are used to prevent injury include night guards and mouth guards. These appliances are all custom-made and designed to be worn temporarily or during specific times of the day.

Night Guards

Teeth grinding or bruxism involves an unconscious grinding, gnashing, and clenching of the teeth. Over time, this can lead to jaw disorders and severely damaged teeth, so night guards are recommended to prevent this. Custom night guards are comfortable to wear and are made with several different types of materials. Your dentist will recommend either a hard or soft material depending on your level of teeth grinding.


Retainers are dental devices that are used to keep your teeth in alignment after your orthodontic treatment is complete. There are two types of removable retainer that are used to maintain your teeth. Your dentist may recommend a clear plastic retainer that will sit over your upper teeth or a metal retainer that is connected to a plate that sits against the roof of your mouth.

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards are highly recommended for kids and adults who play contact sports. They are designed to reduce the impact of a blow to the teeth and help to lower the incidence of tooth loss. While boil and bite sports mouth guards are widely available, a custom-fitted mouth guard offers better protection as it conforms more snugly to the contours of your mouth.

TMJ Botox Treatment

When your temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) becomes displaced or overworked due to teeth grinding, you may experience sharp pain in the jaw as well as tension headaches. Botox injections help to alleviate the pain and improve the functioning of the jaw by relieving tension in the area. This helps to reduce the occurrence of severe and unconscious jaw movements that are the cause of these tension headaches and pain.

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