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Pediatric dentists specialize in the oral health of children. While your regular dentist is often able to take care of all your child’s dental needs, there may be situations where a particular line of treatment is needed, so we will refer them to a pediatric dentist. We work closely with pediatric specialists, and you can be assured that your child will be well cared for.

Routine Dental Care

It is important to instill good dental habits when children are young. This starts with a routine of regular brushing and flossing to help protect the teeth from decay. Regular dental exams are important, particularly for children whose baby teeth are much softer than permanent teeth and more susceptible to decay.

Comfortable and Friendly Service

At CGS Dental, we always aim to make your child’s visit a comfortable one. Our friendly staff is on hand to greet them, and our dentist and hygienist will discuss good dental practices so they can take care of their teeth at home. If your child has any anxiety about their visit, we offer nitrous oxide sedation. This safe gas is administered using a mask over the nose and helps your child to relax.

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