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A root canal is a common dental procedure that we routinely perform when the pulp inside the center of the tooth becomes inflamed. This inflammation is caused by bacteria. If the infected pulp is not removed quickly, it can cause permanent damage to the entire tooth structure. At an advanced stage of infection, tooth loss may result. Root canal treatment can help prevent tooth loss and stop the spread of infection.

How To Detect an Abscessed Tooth

Discomfort whilst biting or chewing, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, and constant throbbing pain are all indicators that you might need a root canal. Also, be aware of other signs, such as swollen or tender gums or a foul odour in your mouth. Your dentist will take an x-ray to check for signs of infection.

Sedation Dentistry for Root Canals

If the idea of a root canal makes you uncomfortable, we can help. At CGS Dental, we understand that a trip to the dentist can cause fear and anxiety for some patients. This is why we offer several conscious sedation options to help you to relax during your treatment.

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