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Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that is commonly used today. It is popular with teens and adults and can be used to correct a wide range of orthodontic problems, including crowded teeth, crooked teeth, underbite, overbite, and crossbite. Clear Invisalign aligners offer the advantage of being barely visible inside the mouth, so you can wear them with confidence.

What To Expect

Invisalign offers a gentler and less invasive option to the traditional metal braces that are fitted onto the teeth. Instead, you will wear removable custom plastic aligners that sit on top of your teeth. Over the course of your treatment, you will change your aligners several times, as each set is shaped a little differently and designed to very gently push your teeth into place.

Why Should I Get Invisalign Treatment?

Not only do properly aligned teeth look better and give you the confidence to smile, but your mouth is also healthier. When the teeth are misaligned, this can cause wear and tear and chipping of the teeth. Misaligned teeth are also difficult to brush and floss, which causes plaque buildup and affects the health of your gums and teeth.

Clear Aligner Therapy in Coquitlam

Clear aligner therapy is used to straighten and align the teeth. It is a less invasive and gentle treatment compared to traditional orthodontic treatments such as metal braces and makes use of clear plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth. These aligners are custom-made, and each new set is shaped a little differently to gradually bring your teeth into alignment.

Who Can Use Clear Aligner Therapy?

Clear aligner therapy is a great choice for teens and adults and can be used to correct many minor orthodontic problems. These include underbite, overbite, crossbite, crowded teeth, and crooked teeth. Most people find that clear aligners are more comfortable to wear than traditional metal braces. They also appreciate the fact that the aligners are barely visible in the mouth.

How Does Aligner Therapy Work?

A 3D scan is used to get an impression of your teeth. This is used to create a set of custom aligners that will conform to the shape of your mouth. Over the course of your treatment, you will use several new sets of aligners. Each set is shaped differently and will gently bring your teeth into alignment over time. Results will be visible within a few months.

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