Have you been informed that you need root canal therapy? It is necessary to understand exactly what root canal therapy includes so you do not feel any sort of unnecessary worry when you come for your root canal treatment at your Coquitlam dentist, Coquitlam General and Sedation Dentistry.

Just what is a Root Canal?

The Root Canal is the name for the space within the root of the tooth. It is a hollow area that contains soft tissues (the pulp and nerves). The number of these hollow canals (one to 4) in a tooth depend on the sort of tooth. The pulp nourishes and hydrates the tooth.

Why do you need Root Canal Therapy?

Nonetheless, if your dental pulp is exposed through a cavity or fracture or comes to be infected (abscessed) for any reason, it will likely need root canal therapy to enable you to keep the tooth instead of extracting it. These days, root canal therapy is reasonably pain-free and can easily be done in as little as one dental appointment at your Coquitlam dentist, Coquitlam General and Sedation Dentistry.

What to do if you need Root Canal Therapy?

Contact Coquitlam General and Sedation Dentistry if you have any sort of questions about root canal therapy or if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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